Welcome to Community Connections 2018! In this class, we will be exploring an array of artistic concepts and art materials. The overall theme of our lessons will be the idea that art can be made out of absolutely anything, which we will discover as we experiment with multimedia materials. During each class session, we will work together to think creatively and express ourselves. We will also follow content standards to guide us in our art making during every project. 

   After finishing our classes, our hope is that students will walk away feeling inspired by everyday objects and reimagining the artistic potential of the world around them. At the end of each class, we will post on this blog to share how the students engaged with the art projects, including highlights of the entire process and final artwork. We are so excited to work with the Community Connections students this semester!

GLE Standards
Standard 1: Observe and learn to comprehend

 1. Artists and designers make choices that communicate ideas in works of art. 

“I can make choices that communicate my ideas in works of art.”

 2. Artist and designers use the language of art to identify and discuss works of art.

“I can use the language of art to identify and talk about works of art.”

 3. Students can explain the decisions behind their art.

"I can explain why I made what I made." 

Standard 2: Envision and Critique to Reflect

 1. Visual arts use various literacies to convey intended meaning. 

"I can use art literacies to convey a specific message."

 2. Artists and designers use the language of art to respond to their own art and the art of others. 

"I can use the language of art to talk about other people's art as well as my own."

 3. The critique process informs judgments about artistic and aesthetic merits in works of art.

"I can participate in the critique process to make judgements about artistic and aesthetic quality of works of art."

Standard 3: Invent and Discover To Create 

 1. Use media to express and communicate ideas about an issue of personal interests. 

"I can use different medias to communicate an idea of personal interest to me." 

 2. Materials and processes can be used in traditional, unique, and inventive ways.

"I can use materials and processes in unique and inventive ways."

 3. Demonstrate basic studio skills.

"I can demonstrate basic studio skills." 

Standard 4: Relate and Connect to Transfer

 1. Artist and designers make personal meaning and infer artistic intent.

"I can infer artistic intent and make personal meaning."

 2. Visual arts respond to human experience by relating art to the community.

"I can make art that responds to human experience by making art that relates to my own community."

 3. Works of art connect individual ideas to make meaning.

"I can form connections between my ideas in order to make meaning."

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